The main shrine buildings

The main shrine buildings
In 1945, the original shrine buildings (except for Shukueisha and Minami-Shinmon) were burnt down in the air raids of the war. The present shrine buildings date from November 1958. They consist of the main shrine building Honden (the main shrine building proper, the inner most Sanctuary of the shrine), built in the Nagerezukuri style, together with Noritoden (where Shinto liturgy is recited), Naihaiden (the inner shrine hall), Gehaiden (the outer shrine hall), Shinko (the treasure house), Shinsenjo (the consecrated kitchen for the preparation of the food offerings) and some buildings. The materials are mainly plain Japanese cypress with copper plates for the roofs.

Naihaiden Noritoden Honden
(Photo: Naihaiden)
(Photo: Noritoden)
(Photo: Honden)