Meiji Jingu Sukeikai event
(Photo: Sukeikai, event on the occasion of a big anniversary)

Sukeikai ("Worshippers' Association")
The Meiji Jingu Sukeikai (The "Worshippers' Association") was organized in June 1946 by people who were worried about the social and spiritual confusion after the war and about the future of the nation. Since then, the Sukeikai has worked throughout the country promoting social stability and offering spiritual guidance based on revering the virtues of the enshrined deities. Presently, the Sukeikai has about 150,000 members who follow its basic precepts: to live with reverence for the deities and one's ancestors; to respect the Imperial Family and to pray for the peace of the world. The Sukeika is highly appreciated for its Shinto educational activities. Members receive the periodical, Yoyogi, invitations to the Spring and Autumn Grand Festivals, to the opening tournament of the professional baseball matches, and to the Sumo championship match, as well as free tickets for Homotsuden (the Treasure Museum), Kaigakan (the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery at Gaien), and Gyoen (the "Imperial Gardens" at Meiji Jingu, including the Iris Garden).

Information (in Japanese):
The Meiji Jingu Sukeikai c/o Meiji Jingu
Address: 1-1 Yoyogi-Kamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8557, Japan
Tel.: 03-3320-5700 (Japanese)