Map, access, address, contact details, yearŐs opening hours

Meiji Jingu (Naien) is open every day throughout the year. Since Meiji Jingu opens with sunrise and closes with sunset, the opening hours change every month:
Month Opening at: Closing at:
January 6:40 am 4:20 pm
February 6:20 am 4:50 pm
March 5:40 am 5:20 pm
April 5:10 am 5:50 pm
May 5:00 am 6:10 pm
June 5:00 am 6:30 pm
July 5:00 am 6:20 pm
August 5:00 am 6:00 pm
September 5:20 am 5:20 pm
October 5:40 am 4:40 pm
November 6:10 am 4:10 pm
December 6:40 am 4:00 pm
(On the 31st of December, the shrine is open all night.)
Please note that places and facilities inside Naien may have shorter opening hours (mainly 9:00 am to 16:00 pm) and that opening hours of Gaien and Kinenkan are yet different:
Opening hours Kaguraden
Opening hours Gyoen
Opening hours Homotsuden (Honkan)
Opening hours Homotsu-Tenjishitsu
Opening hours Shiseikan
Opening hours Kaigakan
Opening hours Gaien
Opening hours Kinenkan