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Director's Greeting
The Meiji Jingu Intercultural Research Institute was established in January 2008. In addition to spreading the virtues of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken and the cultivation of Shinto sensibilities, which had up to that point been the domain of another study group, the Institute's goal is to pursue academic exchanges, centering on research into Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken's virtues and Meiji Jingu history, as well as to enhance inter-religious dialogue and international exchanges between different cultures.
Shinto is ingrained in the living practices of the Japanese people, as can be seen in the first shrine visit of the New Year and the "Shichigosan" (Festival for children attaining 7E5E3@years of age), and it serves as a framework for strong traditions and culture. Meiji Jingu as the grove of a village shrine provides a place where Japanese people validate their own origins, but it also provides a precious place where large numbers of foreigners visiting the shrine can obtain a deep understanding of Japanese culture.

There is a poem by Emperor Meiji that says
"Let us reveal to the world the beauty that is interwoven in Japan."
The Institute aims to take a fresh look-in the context of the current era-at the "Japan" that our ancestors have been creating since the time of distant legends, and consider what role Japan should fulfill within the globalized world. Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, who accomplished the modernization of Japan by way of opening up the country and the Meiji Restoration, are enshrined as deities at Meiji Jingu, which was built around 100 years ago through the devotion of our people. It is from this shrine that we carry out our mission.

Brief biography of the Director
Born in Tokyo in 1941. Spent three years of elementary school in France, and spent his high-school years in the United States.
After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo, joined the Bank of Tokyo (now MUFG Bank, Ltd.) and served as Deputy General Manager of the Paris branch and General Manager of the Brussels branch. Officially appointed as Chamberlain of His Majesty the Emperor at the Imperial Household in 1995, and officially appointed as His Vice-Grand Chamberlain in 2008.
Drawing on his abundant foreign experience, accompanied the Imperial Couple on official visits to 19 countries.
Retired from that office in June 2012 and took up his present position in September of that year.

Director Masahiro Sato
Deputy Director Tsutomu Kurita

International Affairs Division/Research Advancement Division
The International Affairs Division carries out activities aimed at informing people about Meiji Jingu and Shinto through interdisciplinary and international exchanges.
The Research Advancement Division has three researchers, and undertakes research on areas such as the divine virtues of the enshrined deities, the history of Meiji Jingu, and Shinto and Budo (the martial arts).

Meiji Jingu Intercultual Research Institute
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