Meiji Jingu Gyoen
Meiji Jingu Gyoen in Winter (Photo: Meiji Jingu Gyoen in Winter)

Meiji Jingu Gyoen (Meiji Jingu Gardens or Imperial Gardens)
Meiji Jingu Gyoen (Meiji Jingu Gardens) is the only part of Naien (the Inner Precinct) that had existed long before the establishment of Meiji Jingu. In fact Emperor Meiji designed the iris garden, small paths, and fishing spot specifically for Empress Shoken in order to give her fresh energy. Fresh verdure in spring, various kinds of flowers in summer, autumn leaves, and snow in winter give inexhaustible charms to the garden all the year round.

The four seasons at Meiji Jingu Gardens (Gyoen)

(Photo: Azaleas at Kakuuntei)

In spring, colourful azalea blossoms appear among the new green leaves. Their vivid beauty evokes a warm spring feeling. At Gyoen, there are globular trimmed azaleas in front of Kakuuntei (a tea house); and arching mountain azaleas at the "Azalea Garden". The azalea blossoms reach their peak in April.


(Photo: Irises at the Iris Garden)

At the beginning of June the irises start to blossom, they are in full bloom from mid-June to the end of June. There are about 1500 iris plants of 150 different kinds of irises in the "Iris Garden". Their blossoms are counted every day by the staff. The splendour of the iris flowers in full bloom has become well known both in Japan and abroad.

(Photo: Japanese maple)

Japanese autumn leaves are famous for their bright colours and their delicate beauty seen for example in the fine dissected leaves of Japanese maple. Towards the end of November you can see the leaves changing colours at Gyoen as if you were in the mountains. Please enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden.

(Photo: Yukitsuri at the fishing spot)

A Yukitsuri covers one of the black pine trees in Gyoen during winter in order to prevent its branches from breaking under the weight of heavy snow. Please enjoy the beautiful winter landscape in the garden.

Meiji Jingu Gyoen opens every day throughout the year. Opening hours are usually from 9 am to 4 pm, but they may vary slightly according to the season.

Opening hours(Gyoen) :
Open daily throughout the year.
Months: Hours:
March to October 9 am to 4:30 pm
November to February 9 am to 4 pm
June 8 am to 5 pm(to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday)

Contribution for maintenance
500 yen