Q: What does "Meiji" and "Jingu" mean?
A: "Meiji" is the name of the era in which Emperor Meiji ruled. He issued this era name, and after his death he was called after this era himself. "Jingu" refers to "Shinto shrine". (It is often used for large shrines related to the Imperial Family, but there are exceptions.)

Q: Is Meiji Jingu a shrine or a temple?
A: Meiji Jingu is a shrine, not a temple. The word "temple" is usually not used in the context of Shinto but rather in the context of Buddhism for example.

Q: Was the forest really planted by hand?
A: The forest of Meiji Jingu was really planted by hand. Only the trees at Gyoen and a few other trees had already been there before 1920, but all the other trees were planted.

Q: How many trees were planted at the time of the foundation?
A: 100,000 trees from all over Japan (and even some from outside Japan) were planted.

Q: How many trees are there now?
A: The latest count revealed that there are about 170,000 trees now.

Q: How large is Meiji Jingu?
A: The inner precinct (the area at Yoyogi) covers 700,000 square metres. There is another precinct, the "outer precinct", which also belongs to Meiji Jingu. It is located at Aoyama and covers 300,000 square metres.