Q: Do I need to become a Shintoist in order to visit Meiji Jingu?
A: No, you don't. Anybody is most welcome to visit Meiji Jingu, irrespective of affiliations or beliefs.(In Shinto, there is no concept conversion.)

Q: May I take pictures and videos of Meiji Jingu?
A: You may take private pictures for yourself from the outside, but please do not take any pictures inside buildings and halls, and please do not take close-ups of shrine staff or pictures of other visitors.

Q: May I eat, drink, or smoke on the shrine grounds?
A: Please eat, drink, or smoke in the designated areas only. This is mainly at Bunkakan. (At Bunkakan food and drink are available, and there is a smoking spot with ash trays.)

Q: May I take my dog for a walk in the park?
A: The area of Meiji Jingu is a sacred forest, not a park. Therefore, but you may not bring any animals onto the premises.

Q: May I ride my bike at Meiji Jingu?
A: You may come by bike to Meiji Jingu, but please park it at one of the three entrances and continue your visit on foot (there is a parking space for bikes at each entrance). Thank you.