Omamori, Ofuda
An Omamori is a lucky charm, talisman, or amulet. They can be obtained at the Juyosho (amulet office).

Omamori (Photo: Omamori)
There are charms for all kinds of occasions and purposes, e.g. for traffic safety, for health, for successful studies, etc.

Such amulets can be kept in or attached to one's bag, pocket, or purse. They are usually kept until their purpose is fulfilled

The ones that look like a little bag are not supposed to be opened. Inside is a small emblem of the shrine (a small Ofuda).

An Ofuda is an emblem, distributed by a shrine. It bears the name of the shrine or the enshrined deities.
Ofuda (drawing)
(Picture: Drawing of a wooden Ofuda)

Ofuda may be made of paper, wood, or other materials.

Large Ofuda are usually put up at home on a Kamidama.

The drawing shows how many wooden Ofuda generally look like (circles indicate where inscriptions are placed): A wooden board, inscribed with the shrine's name, and bearing the shrine's red seal, is partly wrapped into white paper, which is held together by gold and silver Mizuhiki (paper strings), tied in a bow. The paper may be inscribed with a wish (e.g. "world-wide peace")