Ema (votive tablet): Write down your wishes or aspirations, or give thanks, on the ema and hang it around the camphor tree standing in front of the main shrine. [¥500 (¥1,000 for the new year version)]



A Kiganbun is a letter to the kami. It may contain words of gratitude or wishes. The letter is put into an envelope together with a monetary offering of any amount, and the envelope put into the offertory box near the camphor tree at the main sanctuary. These letters are collected every day and offered up to the kami at the morning rite (Nikku-sai).



A Goshuin is stamped proof, with caligraphy, of your visit to the shrine. [¥500]
If you do not have a book for collecting a Goshuin, a sheet-type Goshuin is also available.

Goshuin: sheet type[紙朱印]

Goshuin: [¥500]


Goshuin collection book (Meiji Jingu original)[¥1,000]